Ino Mythology

Many people have asked us over the past 20 years of being in the Hotel business "where does the name 'Ino' come from" and it is time we told our story.

Dionysos, the God of euphoria, vine and wine was chasing the Amazons, which had evaded him for many years. The Amazons found shelter in Samos and Dionysos with the help of the Samian's managed finally to defeated them all. By way of reward for helping him, Dionysos offered the Samian's the vine and taught them how to cultivate it and make the wine from it. It is this wine that Samos is now famous for producing (the Variety of grape can not be found elsewhere in the world).

The mother of Dionysos was Semele and his father was Zeus, who at the time was married to Hera! Upon hearing of Zeus's unfaithfulness, Hera had Semele killed while Dionysus was still unborn. Zeus save the unborn child and nursed him in a pocket of flesh on his thigh. When it was time for Dionysus to be born, Zeus handed the baby to Ino, sister of Semele and Aunt of Dionysus, and she brought him up into adulthood.

So it is the strong Link between Ino, Dionysos and Samos by which we derived our name.